Implementation & Reporting

How we implement your marketing plan?

Once you are happy and confident that we have presented you with a well thought out thorough and comprehensive marketing plan for your dental practice, we can take all required steps to implement the actions as outlined in our “Strategic Development Plan.”

We communicate with you and designated staff members

Just like us allocating you a marketing consultant, you also can ask us to deal with a particular person within your practice on an ongoing basis. It facilitates an improved and smooth flow of communication between you and us. Besides, we make sure that everyone connected to the marketing of your practice will have total trust and confidence in the information and actions we have outlined.

 We take great care in sharing all the details of the marketing strategies with you and your team or your designated member of staff as much as possible and provide ample opportunity for them to contribute to it. We ensure that your staff understands how the marketing plan is in line with your targets, goals, policies, and priorities of your dental practice.

We never lose sight of your ultimate goal.

We ensure that your target market will always be reminded and understand the unique differences between you and your competitors. Your unique selling propositions we created, sets you apart from your competition and helps keep your marketing to remain productive on track and focused.

We monitor progress.

We look at your marketing as a living strategy that always needs tweaks and revisions to remain valid. We take a look at your marketing every week in detail and provide you with a detailed report. Every month we issue a broader overview of what we achieved. A weekly time frame is too short of showing ongoing progress from a broader perspective. We provide you with regular reports where you will receive a comprehensive set of statistics showing the development of each of our marketing activities with all the different platforms we use to promote your dental practice.

Also, you will receive a special report which contains even more granular information and data, which shows even more details and analytical data. You will always know in minute detail how your marketing performs and the results you are getting.

We make adjustments.

We make adjustments to your marketing as soon as our data shows that changes are needed. We continuously observe and test the market to ensure that we become aware of changes as soon as they happen. That also applies to changes in technology, market conditions, competition, and any other external market forces and factors.

We always stay ahead of the curve and develop contingency plans.

We know that not all of our strategies and plans will work as intended. We have to remind ourselves that marketing is a highly creative and competitive process that will evolve and often change quite quickly. We are ready for change. We always test additional strategies to see how Search Engines such as Google, as well as your target market, react. That ensures that we still have a fresh approach, ready to be added to your overall marketing objectives.