Local Search MarketingWhat is “Local Search” and why it is so crucial for your dental practice.
Thirty to forty percent of all searches made online (Google) are local intent. That means these searches are from local people who live near your dental practice location and who are looking to find a local service, business, or product. For that reason, it is of the highest importance that every dental practice fully understands what “Local Search” means and how it works.

“Local search” is any search activity conducted online with the intent of looking for anything within a clearly defined geographic location. Example: “dentist in the upper east side of Manhattan.” Local search is seeking information online for a specific place to visit and to make a transaction offline at some point. Example: “ATM Denver tech center.”

Anything that you would have tried to find using the old type printed business directories such as the yellow pages is now a “Local Search” made online. Example: “dental implants Jersey City” For a dental practice, all searches made (99%) are “Local Search.” A dental practice is the epitome of a local service provider/business. There are exceptions. Usually, a dentist will only draw patients from within a particular Geo area. It’s quite clear that if anyone is searching for a dentist in the area they live in, they most likely will use the service of a dentist who is close to them.

In a nutshell: If you can “persuade” Google to show the details of your dental practice on the first position of the page for the local search results than you will have a massive advantage over all of your competitors. The number of local searches is increasing daily. Since we know how to “persuade” Google to show our dental clients in the top positions for local search, you may find it worthwhile to have a chat with us.

Now let’s see how Google interprets “Local Search.” Search Engines in general and not just Google are trying to display the most relevant and accurate search results for every query a user makes. Google is continuously working to improve and to “read” the intent of a user for “local intent” and wants to show local search results whenever possible.