Website maintenance

An essential part of our services is to provide you with regular web maintenance. Let’s take a look at the purpose behind website maintenance.


 Any website which suffers downtime has potentially negative consequences for a dental practice, such as loss of new potential patients. If you have to troubleshoot yourself because nobody looks after the seamless running of your site, this could mean calling your web hosting company, explaining the problem, and hoping that they can get your site back online as quickly as possible. If we are looking after your website, we take care of all the time-consuming interactions with the hosting company leaving you free to look after your patients.

Importance of Security Updates

 Proper website maintenance ensures that your website keeps running without interruptions, and it keeps your website secure. Websites, in particular, those built on content management platforms, have many “moving parts” Those sites are highly complex pieces of technology. We ensure that your site is as secure as humanly possible. Security updates are made frequently to “patch” security threats. If your website becomes outdated, it is open to security breaches. Hackers can get entry and infect your site with malware and viruses. The result can be that you have to remove your website from the web altogether since it presents a risk to other sites hosted on the server. Your hosting company does not allow you any further use of their server space.

We update Plugins and Integration

 All plugins and integrations that run on your website are continuously updated to maximize functionality and help to reduce problems. Leaving systems unattended and without regular updates means missing out on better features and a more positive user experience. In the worst possible scenario, your website can fail, which in turn results in part of your website breaking or the entire website going down. That is not scaremongering but a sad reality.

Changes to Website

 Need to change a phone number, update your staff section, or even add a new service? You have to decide if you wish to undertake your website maintenance yourself or let us take those worries away from you. We help our clients with minor changes to their website as part of their monthly maintenance contract.

Keeping Up with Best Practices

The internet is a changing place, and so are the best practices that social media, search engines, and other websites employ. Our Website maintenance ensures that no matter what, your website is checked daily for issues. That guarantees that it complies with any new rule and requirement of Search Engines and Social Media platforms alike.