Website DevelopmentThe development of websites is not quite as simple, and it certainly does not happen overnight or by magic. The full web development process cycle is quite a time-consuming affair and consists of many long hours of behind the scenes activities. It is a team effort. In today’s high tech environment, websites can no longer be created by “Web Designers” or by “one-man” operations. The Know-How needed today is too complicated that one person alone cannot be an expert on all the different technical aspects of websites. It needs the total commitment of business analysts, designers, developers, and finally, testers.

In case you require a new website and are looking to engage the services of a skilled and competent web development company, you should know some of the processes required to deliver a product that works for you and your dental practice.

It is critical that your target audience fully understands the flow of the website. Different people of different generations respond to a website and how they use it very differently. Knowing the age groups of patients that make up the bulk of your practice is, therefore, extremely important. The makeup of your patient base needs to be known by the web developer before design and development processes even reach the preliminary stages.

The steps

1. The web developer needs to understand your requirements

 2. Creating a research and business requirement protocol

 3. Planning of all stages

 4. Designing the site by creating the feel and brand experience

     which has to connect with your patients

 5. The actual development of the website functionalities

 6. Last but not least the testing and deployment phase

 7. Ongoing website maintenance and update cycles