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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started?

After you contact us either by email, toll-free call or using the contact us message form on our contact us page, we arrange a 1 on 1 consultation at a time most suitable for you. This service is 100% free. You learn more about us, and we can get to know more about your dental practice before you take the next step. There is no obligation for you in whatever shape or form.

Do I need a Website Audit or Analysis of my website?

The simple answer is yes. You must have a starting point and need to know if your website is good enough to become your most important marketing tool.

It’s difficult to measure improvements in all kinds of areas that are important to your dental marketing when you have no idea in which direction you need to go and what if anything you need to change.

Auditing your dental website is a crucial element in establishing your marketing strategies.

What is an SSL Certificate and does my website needs one?

We all know – today’s internet users are concerned about their online security. They are increasingly reluctant to visit a website that does not appear to be secure. Google and other Search Engines, as well as tech companies, have taken notice. They took steps to make sure that their online visitors are protected.

For dental practices, it is important too to ensure the safety of their online visitors. By using an SSL certificate, patients can see immediately that your website is secure.

Why should we chose TDMI?

That is a great question. We could point to our considerable expertise and Know-How, besides integrity, transparency, and honesty. But we would like to ask you to trust what our clients have to say about us. Most of our dental clients are working with us for more than five years.

Listen to their video testimonials and read there feedback. It may help in answering your question of why you should choose TDMI.