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The Dental Marketing Institute provides a full range of dental marketing services. We focus on new patient acquisition and retention throughout the United States and Canada.

ADA Compliance Services

Making your website accessible is a competitive differentiator and/or equalizer.

1 on 1 Consultation

We help plan the course of action needed to drive your brand continuously using dental marketing.

Requirement Assessment

We show you exactly what changes (if any) are needed to recharge your dental marketing.

Strategy Development

Strategy Development means that we create tailor-made marketing sequences that will reach your intended audience.

We Offer Affordable Web Services

We provide our clients with complete and well thought out digital marketing concepts. Regardless of the size or type of your practice, our focus remains always on growing your dental practice by increasing new patient flow and solidifying your existing patient base.

Website Development

Your target audience must understand the flow of the website. People of different generations respond to a website and how it must be used very differently.

Search Engine Optimization

The result of all efforts which go into SEO is to get Search Engines to display your website higher in the Search Engine Results pages than those of your competitors.

Local Search Marketing

Anything that you would have tried to find in the past using the old type printed business directories such as the yellow pages is now a “Local Search” made online.

Social Media Marketing

Beginning a campaign without a clear defined proper social strategy is like walking around the woods without a map. You could have a lot of fun, but you most likely get lost.

Brand Development

Your brand identity is the way you wish the public to see and view your dental practice. That includes your staff, your target audience, and your existing patient base.

Content Writing for Dental Website

Very few Dental Websites have Content that ” Speaks” to potential patients. Most dental websites’ content promotes dentists and forgets the patients.

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What your Peers feel think and say about their experience working with us.

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Points to consider!
You had your new website delivered a year ago, and all things should be OK. Right? Not so fast. Reality is that with the many types of web browsers and devices in circulation and which are used by your website visitors, comes an increased chance that your website on occasions might not function as it should.

Unless you monitor your website regularly, your dental practice might be missing out on potential patients because your site visitors can’t use your website correctly. We want to invite you for your peace of mind to request a FREE professional health check for your website.

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