TDMI offers more than quality dental websites.

Our approach to achieving your objectives for practice growth and brand building is based on ethical and transparent marketing concepts.

The need for change is always just around the corner, and we are very much aware of the need for being proactive in developing new ways to get your message heard by your target audience.

To keep your marketing on track, and you totally in control, we advocate regular weekly or at least one monthly 1 on 1 meeting, during which we can provide you with in-depth information and data in addition to the regular weekly reports you receive by email.

Website Development

Your target audience must understand the flow of the website. People of different generations respond to a website and how it must be used very differently

Search Engine Optimization

The result of all efforts which go into SEO is to get Search Engines to display your website higher in the Search Engine Results pages than those of your competitors.

Local Search Marketing

Anything that you would have tried to find in the past using the old type printed business directories such as the yellow pages is now a “Local Search” made online.

Social Media Marketing

Beginning a campaign without a clear defined proper social strategy is like walking around the woods without a map. You could have a lot of fun, but you most likely get lost.

Brand Development

Your brand identity is the way you wish the public to see and view your dental practice. That includes your staff, your target audience, and your existing patient base.

Updates & Maintenance

Plugins and integrations on your website are always updated to maximize functionality and reduce problems. Sites without regular updates miss out on new features.