Dental Office
Location: New Jersey, USA

The Business is situated in New Jersey and faces stiff competition in the local dental businesses. Despite offering top-notch services and maintaining a modern facility, they struggled to stand out amidst the sea of dental practices in the area. Their Google My Business (GMB) page failed to attract significant attention, resulting in limited visibility and lower patient inquiries.

First, let´s look at an overview of the total interactions of the past six months. The chart below will show you the total number of interactions for the period of August 2023 through January 2024.

Dental Clinic in New Jersey
Alone, this chart doesn´t mean much, but when we look deeper into the data on a month-by-month basis and compare the figures to the same month the year prior, we can begin to see just how far the client´s interactions have grown.

Case Study New Jersey
Next, let us take a look at calls made to the office from the GMB profile. Keep in mind, that these numbers do not include calls made to the office from the website, as those calls cannot be tracked.

Case Study Jersey City
Finally, we will look at website visitors from GMB Direct. These numbers do not include website visit numbers that come from other sources. The combined average monthly total varies between 1000 and 1300 site visitors.

Case Study Jersey City