Can your dental website convert visitors to new patients?

Let’s look at the situation many dentists find themselves in after they have spent considerable amounts of money to get their website to the all-important page 1 position in Google’s Search Engine Result Pages.

The expectations of dentists are high. Now that their websites finally made it to the very top, surely a good number of new patients must now make their way through the doors of their dental practices. Now there is no excuse anymore for not getting more new patients. It just has to happen, right? Not so fast! Unless your websites set up is correct, tweaked, and optimized so it can convert your site visitors to new patients, the expected increase in patient flow will simply not happen, and disappointment follows.

It does not have to be like that. Your website can and will convert site visitors to more new patients just as you have hoped. Your website just needs to be appropriately optimized. Let’s take a look at how you can do that

A puzzle has many pieces, and your site has them too. All of them are important, so your website can deliver the result you hoped it would.

The foundation of success is S I T E  M A I N T E N A N C E
Below you see several techniques you need to implement on your website. However, no matter how well defined your marketing strategies are, if your site does not function 100% perfect, then all other efforts do not produce results. For example, a slow website and in particular a slow mobile version of your site will repel site visitors within a couple of seconds, sending them straight to your competition. Pages that are not opening due to broken links have the same effect. It also conveys a very unprofessional image to potential patients, which makes converting them into new patients very unlikely. Any site that does not function properly will also hurt your precious Google rankings over time.

Your website must be A M A G N E T
Your website has just a few seconds to appeal to your site visitor. Remember, patients compare your dental practice to those of your competition who also have high Google ranking positions. The fact that you are a great dentist with more experience than any of your closest competitors is meaningless at that precise moment when your site visitor sees your site for the first time and compares it to those of your competition.

This process is far from being fair.  All of your professional Know-How and personal achievements are meaningless. Whoever has the best visually appealing website, and the best online reviews will get the “new patient.” Your website is your first line of “attack and maybe even your most important marketing tool. Make sure your website can do the job better than the site of every single competitor of yours.

Get your site visitor to take A C T I O N
To do that you have to have some CTA’s (call to action) on your website. You simply have to have a call to action or better still multiple CTAs. Your dental practice cannot create and deploy a successful marketing campaign unless a CTA is part of the overall concept.

Conversions from site visitors to “new patient,” revenue, and profits, they all depend on the all-important call to action. The Call to Action, if created correctly, is immensely powerful, hugely influential, and so essential to the success of your online dental marketing that you cannot ignore it. Please do not believe that all it takes to have a great and highly profitable practice is to be a good dentist and that because of it patients will flock to your office. It won’t happen. That might have been true 50 years ago, but holds no longer any water.

Patient Education V I D E O S
Patient educational video content is a great and highly effective way to get your potential “new patient” to stay on your website and do their research there and then. To keep your visitors on your site long enough for them to find the answers to their questions and to get the chance of convincing them that your dental practice is the one they can feel comfortable about becoming a patient of is of paramount importance.

We can help you and get a range of highly professional patient educational videos on your website so you can benefit from the positive impact they will have on your patient flow straight away.

There is much more to discuss and to get to know how to optimize your dental website, so your practice can benefit from increased conversion. We are happy to provide you with comprehensive insight. Schedule a one on one consultation. Call Toll-FREE +1 888 9595721