Grow Your Practice by “Giving”

I believe that a business’s ultimate purpose is to provide compassion, trust, and love

Speaking for myself, my primary reason for being in business is not to make money. I believe that earning money is always the natural consequence of doing something with passion.
By “Giving Back,” You Get Rewarded.
Giving something back to the community you serve makes running a dental practice worthwhile. I am not talking about making a few donations now and again to some local charities and institutions. Showing gratitude, delivering value to your patients, empathy, and acknowledging the work of every single member of your team members are all essential components of being or becoming a practice that gives back.
Why should your dental practice make it a priority to invest in your community?
The answer is simple. It changes and elevates your dental office and team culture to a higher level. It gives patients a reason to be proud, and they will be happy and willing to share that with others.
Now you have the concept; you need a strategy.
You must make your social media part of your giving efforts. (But please don’t think posting is a strategy in itself). Future patients will notice what you do, and they will remember. I agree that charity work must be transparent and done for the right reasons, but that does not alter the fact that giving is an excellent way to help you grow your practice.
We want you to get this strategy right from the start. I do not exaggerate when I say that only a few dental practices use this marketing concept, and most of them get it wrong and will not benefit from their efforts.
First, you need to do the following:
  • Convince the practice leadership and all team members that the idea of “giving” will hugely benefit your practice. (not just increasing patient flow.)
  • Look for good “give back” opportunities to hand to your patients, team members, and community.
  • Using social media to expose your “giving back” efforts to help new patients find you.
“A man there was, and they called him mad; the more he gave, the more he had.”  
John Bunyan