The time of large, full-service, cross-industry marketing agencies has ended

On the surface, it would be easy for a marketing agency to prejudge the wants and needs of a potential client and then sell pre-packaged solutions. In contrast, The Dental Marketing Institute works to understand your business problems thoroughly, and to that end, we ask questions and listen to your input. When we fully understand a potential client’s needs, we offer solutions that have proven successful in helping our clients solve their problems and grow their businesses.

The truth is that clients often insist they know precisely the services they want and need. They then ask their marketing company to execute their vision. That is not an approach that will bring success.

Clients really want to benefit from the expertise of a quality marketing agency and get value from their ability to develop solutions to their most complicated and urgent business problems.

By providing dental practices and other businesses in the healthcare sector with the services that benefit them most, we help them build better relationships with their clients/patients and increase the patients’ lifetime value to the practice.

The time of large, full-service, cross-industry marketing agencies has ended. Instead, businesses, in general, and dental practices in particular, are turning to smaller yet highly specialized niche agencies that are experts within the dental industry. To repeat, we discover the root problems and present the solutions that bring results.

It’s a fact that many agencies are just taking orders. Clients ask for things, and marketing agencies comply without questioning the clients. A client says, “I need a new website,” and they make a new site. A client says I need content for my blog, and the agency makes a blog post. The problem for you, the client, with this model is that you get a product, but you are not necessarily getting any value.

We are no order takers!

When a client contacts us with a request, we do not just say yes and fulfill the request. We dig a great deal deeper. We find out what you want, how you want it, and why you are asking for it.

I can guarantee you that the answer will always be that you are trying to solve a business problem. You may want more patients or need to increase revenue. You may want to decrease the number of broken appointments, increase treatment case acceptance, or attract a different demographic to increase production for a particular service.

You might have gotten an idea for a possible solution from something you read online or from a friend or colleague. But as good as it sounded, it may not be the best solution to solve your problem.

Our job as a specialist dental marketing agency is to take time to understand your underlying problems and provide solutions that have a higher probability of solving them.

Because of how we understand your needs, we can provide real value to your business. It would be best if you had more than the ongoing completion of randomly requested tasks to solve your problems. For example, you ask us to create a TikTok account for you and a strategy to go with it for your dental practice.

We would find out why you believe that TikTok can help you solve a problem you think you have. Maybe you read somewhere or talked to someone that saw success with social media marketing on TikTok. We can then provide demographic information for your specific target audience for the channel to show why TikTok won’t give the desired results and ROI. Just because someone else likes TikTok and might be working for them does not mean it will also work for your dental office.

Dentists need and want help with business strategy and consumer insight. Still, it’s easy for many dentists to lose track of those goals when running a practice day in and day out.

The Dental Marketing Institute took the leadership role long ago among dental marketers by seeking to understand the root problems dentists face. We listen to your requests, then use our experience of what works best to offer your dental business alternative solutions that drive real value to your business and benefit your existing and potential patients.

We use our expertise and know-how of your industry to differentiate your dental practice from your competitors. If you like to have a chat send me an email, and I will connect with you. – max@thedentalmarketinginstitute,com

Client Testimonial

“We have worked with different marketing agencies over the years. We have not met anyone who could rival the level of marketing and SEO expertise Max and his team have brought to my dental practices for the last ten years. They have increased our results year after year.” – Shankar Iyer DDS,MDS,FDSRCPS (Glasgow)