Would you buy a service from a provider that does not speak your Language

The marketing success of a dental practice depends on the quality of its website content. Ultimately, if the marketing is successful, patients visit the website, and it is there that a new patient is won or lost.

What is my definition of a good-quality dental website? It is a website that makes the practice money. If a website does not convert visitors to new patients and does not make the phone ring, it is not a good website. Pretty pictures and telling patients what a great practice it is, full of the latest technology, does not make a website a good website.

Once potential patients arrive at a dental website, they reach crossroads in their search for “their” Dentist. Patients start to read the website’s content and know instantly that they don’t have to look any further. They know they have found the right dental office to look after their oral health. What do they do now? They call or use the online appointment form to book their consultation.

If the website content does not spark that inexplicable connection, potential patients will not feel they came to the right place. What do they do now? They leave and end up using a competitor, wasting marketing dollars. To make matters worse, if you are that unfortunate Dentist, you have just given a competitor a new patient, and you paid for it.

Content that “speaks” to patients is crucial. 95% of content on dental websites fails to do that. It does not break the bank to pay for top-class patient converting content, yet many dentists believe that their website content is excellent and that there is no need to change it. I would challenge that opinion. Any website’s content can be improved. Content is the deciding factor in whether or not an entire marketing outlay provides a return or not.

What makes patients choose one Dentist in favor of another?
(not the long list of qualifications or letters behind their name)

Many dentists overvalue their professional qualifications’ influence on potential patients when deciding which Dentist to choose. It’s quite the opposite. The more Dentists talk about themselves and their “state of the art practice and technology used,” the less it appeals to patients.

Patients have no sufficient dental knowledge by and large and cannot judge whether a dentist is good or not so good. Most patients accept that dentists are professional and have faith in them, and besides, they check the Dentist out on Social Media and read the reviews before they call and make an appointment.

Social media reviews are convincing, credible, and trusted arguments for which Dentist to choose and which one to give a miss.

Content that “speaks” to potential patients increases calls and appointments. Investing in content creation that patients love pays back a hundredfold the initial outlay.
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